Making a difference in our local community

One of our most recent and impactful community projects involved a collaboration with Bryn Celyn Primary School in Atlantic. The school’s vision was to transform an unused room into a functional space where pupils could learn essential life skills. With the support of various partners, we embarked on this transformative journey.

  • Room Renovation: We began by stripping out the old, unused room, followed by a complete repainting. The room was given a fresh look with new paint and flooring.
  • Furnishing and Equipment: To ensure the room was fully equipped for its new purpose, we installed new desks, beds, a kettle, a toaster, and all necessary cutlery. These additions were crucial for creating a practical learning environment.
  • Life Skills Training: The renovated room now provides students with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills, such as:
  • Making hot drinks using a kettle
  • Preparing toast with a toaster
  • Learning how to make a bed.

Impact on Pupils

The response from the students and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. This new space is not just a room; it’s a hub where pupils can gain hands-on experience and learn skills that are essential for daily living. These life skills, often taken for granted, are now being effectively imparted to the children, equipping them with practical knowledge that will serve them well throughout their lives.